La Cité Mondiale du Vin à Bordeaux

Located in Bordeaux, La Cité du Vin is a cultural facility unique in the world, where the soul of wine is expressed through an immersive and sensorial approach, in the heart of evocative architecture. The Cité du Vin gives you the opportunity to see wine differently, throughout the world, through the ages, in all cultures and all civilizations.

Place of life, place of exit, place of discovery, The Cité du Vin invites you to travel in a world of cultures.

  • Our vocation: to value and transmit to the greatest number the cultural, universal and living heritage that is wine.
  • Our will: to favor the emotion, the sensations and the dream.
  • The founding principles of the visiting experience: to transmit knowledge in an interactive way, to experiment at its own rhythm, to discover according to its desires.

A must for a stay in Bordeaux, but also a place of life and departure for the inhabitants of Bordeaux and its region, La Cité du Vin gives itself to see, live and visit.

The Cité du Vin is operated by the Foundation for the Culture and Civilization of Wine, a foundation recognized as a public utility by ministerial decree in December 2014.

To see: an emblematic architecture

At first glance, the architecture of the building does not leave indifferent. It is a journey in itself, shaping a place full of identity symbols: vineyard of the vine, wine that turns in the glass, swirls of the Garonne. Each detail of the architecture evokes the soul of the wine and the liquid element. Composed of more than 13 350 m² spread over 10 levels culminating at 55 meters, La Cité du Vin invites you to discover it.

A strong architectural gesture conceived by the architects Anouk Legendre and Nicolas Desmazières of the agency XTU architects, it marks by its form and its audacious curves, its reflections changing as the seasons, days and hours. Let yourself be carried away by this feeling of movement, of uninterrupted flow between the exterior and the interior of the building. Embark on the adventure of wine under the wooden vault of the torus, recalling the massive structure of a ship taking to the sea.

Located in the heart of the Bordeaux lands, in the city of Bordeaux, La Cité du Vin is an international showcase and a real gateway to the vineyards of the world.

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To visit: the permanent route, the belvedere and the temporary exhibitions

La Cité du Vin, international wine museum? If the approach is museum, the mode of discovery is far from classical codes. There is no permanent collection, but there is a free tour, punctuated by 20 thematic spaces, telling the wine culture through an immersive and sensorial setting, the last stage of which will lead you to the belvedere for a wine tasting of the world. Starting in 2017, two major temporary art exhibitions will complement the visiting experience.

The permanent tour, the heart of La Cité du Vin, invites you to a journey through time and space to the discovery of wine in its cultural, civilizational, patrimonial and universal dimensions. With senses on the alert, discover the wine, its imagination, its influence on civilizations and regions of the globe for millennia, notably through history, geography, geology, oenology or the arts . Between myths, sacredness, religion and magic, experience the culture of wine as a formidable epic, which has shaped men and their lives for centuries, which has inspired and inspired them today.

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