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We were really, really impressed with the trip

Hi Stephane,

Just wanted to let you know that we were really, really impressed with the trip you arranged for us from Agen to Sarlat. We were in France for three weeks, but the five days we spent on the ride were absolutely the highlight of the trip. In particular, the thing that made it the most enjoyable was the effort you’d taken to make the entire route be on such quiet roads. That was such a pleasure and far exceeded our expectations in that regard.

I don’t remember the names of all the hotels, but we were particularly impressed with the hotel in Villeneuve. The room we had was gorgeous, and as the restaurant was closed for the season, they served us dinner on our terrace instead.  They also had a wonderful buffet breakfast there the following day. We also very much liked the hotel in Montpazier. The one in Siorac was disappointing because we were the only people staying there so it was deserted and the dinner was a bit of a disappointment. Perhaps it’s better in the summer though.

We would definitely recommend your tours, and will be doing more  in the future. We did use the guidebook you provided as an aid, but for routing we used a gps app and the waypoints you sent us before the trip. That was invaluable and we never had any trouble with the route at all.

Thanks so much for the great trip!

Alison and Mark

Cycling holiday from Agen to Sarlat – Lot & Garonne and Dordogne Discovery

As a whole, the best of our 8 trips.


It was a very nice trip. It is probably the most beautiful natural experience during all our trips.

Electric bicycle is almost a must for it goes up and down.

As a whole, the best of our 8 trips.

Greetings  Gunilla o Tord

Bike tour in Basque country – France

Everything worked out well and we look back to a successful holiday

Bonjour Mr Fritsch

Let me give you a brief feedback in English as I take much more time doing it in French.

In the over all we have been very happy with the services of Evazio. Everything worked out well and we look back to a successful holiday.

Your hotels have been well selected in respect to the routing of the tour. They were all clean and had friendly and helpful staff. Some rooms were to the limit small, but yet ok for one night. Where provided we also enjoyed the dinners. The personalised parts (trip back from Biarritz to Bordeaux and the storing of the bikes) worked also very well and efficient with friendly staff.

The GPS App was a bliss! We were extremely happy to have the guiding system it was very clear, precise and correct, even when we thought it was wrong  !  Watching our fellow traveller working with the guide-book without a distance indicator an their bikes we saw them struggeling often and could help them here and there.

Thanks again for everything and best regards

Marianne Roth

Cycling holiday from Bordeaux to Biarritz + From Bordeaux to Toulouse

We’re already thinking about next year!

Bonjour Stephane!

We really enjoyed our trip, the second we have done with you, and we’re already thinking about next year!

I thought you might like some feedback on the RoadBook for Discovery app which we used every day on our recent Bordeaux to Cahors trip.

Overall I thought it was a really excellent addition and I’d thoroughly recommend it to anyone doing one of your trips. I didn’t use the screen display, I preferred having the road book open in front of me, but the voice prompts were excellent, almost always timely and accurate. I found the combination of the app and the road book really good. In fact I had my phone safely in the front panier with the road book visible on top. For the most part I only ever needed to listen to the app audible instructions but I could see what was coming in terms of turns etc on the road book, especially when there were multiple quick turns coming up

Overall it was a really excellent addition to the road book and other material you provide.

I hope these comments are of some help to you.

A bientôt,

Ian Sharp

Bike tour fro Bordeaux to Cahors along the Garonne Canal & the Lot Valley

Thank you so much for a wonderful trip.

Thank you so much Stephane for a wonderful trip.

We did a hiking and wine tasting trip last week in Bordeaux/Gironde.  It was wonderful.  The directions were great, the hospitality was supurb, and we loved all the wine.  It was a wonderful “girls trip” and we are already planning more.  Despite the heat, it had everything we needed.

Jessica Sime

Walking tour in Bordeaux vineyards from Saint-emilion to Sauterne

We had an excellent holiday in the Lot & Garonne.

Dear Stephane,

We had an excellent holiday in the Dordogne.

The bikes (and the bib bags) were perfect. Once we had a flat tyre, but we could fix it at a cycleshop in 15 minutes, so that was hardly a problem.

The tour was really great. Thank you very much !


Hella and Maarten Balster

The Lot Vallley by bike – Lot & Garonne tour

Brillant ride

Hi Stephane,

Brilliant ride through stunning countryside – weather could have been kinder but we made it!

Thanks for your help and keep up the good work.

Best wishes

Bernie Taffs

Cycling holiday from La Rochelle to Nantes

We just wanted to say thank you for the extremely thoughtul and well organized trip you designed

Hi Stèphane
We just wanted to say thank you for the extremely thoughtul and well organized trip you designed.
It was very obvious to us that you planned the trip as a true cyclist might, as the route was very scenic and tranquil. Your choice of accomodations could not have been better – you obviously have a great rapport (they all spoke highly of you) with these hotels and guesthouses as we were treated so well everywhere you had made arrangements.
We encountered other cyclists along the way who had used other tour companies, and our impression was Evazio clearly had more personal experience with the entire tour we made.
If you ever need a recommendation, please feel free to use us!
Joel Smith & Kathy Keehan

Velodyssee bike tour from Bordeaux to Biarritz

We had a hugely enjoyable holiday in beautiful, quiet countryside

Dear Stephane
I want to thank you for organising our recent cycling tour of the Gironde estuary. We had a hugely enjoyable holiday in beautiful, quiet countryside. Everyone connected with your company who was involved in our care – taxi drivers, hotel staff, hosts in the guest houses and office staff etc – was helpful, friendly and patient with our poor French! We want to particularly say how we appreciated the very personal service in the guest houses and the excellent food and wine we were served by such friendly and helpful hosts. The standard of accommodation and food was top quality.
We really enjoyed the holiday. Thank you all.
Best wishes
Heather& Dick

Cycling tour around the Gironde Estuary

Cycling tour – I just wanted to let you know what a fantastic cycling holiday I had in Bordeaux.

Hello Stephane

I just wanted to let you know what a fantastic cycling holiday, my friend and I had in Bordeaux. Your choice of hotels was outstanding and we were made to feel very welcome at all of them. The bicycles were of an excellent standard and your instruction booklet was easy to follow. The lady in Le Moulins de Tarres de Bas was fantastic. She has a very clean home and her food was amazing. Such a beautiful lady. I would highly recommend your company for your professionalism. Many Thanks

Gillian Templeton

Canal des 2 Mers by bike from Toulouse to Bordeaux

Cycling tour – I can’t say how grateful I am

Dear Evazio, Stephane Fritsch. Thank you so much, I can’t say how grateful I am. I will wait with pleasure for my camera in Cancale the of July. Perfect. You have been very kind and helpful and I won’t forget that. All my good memories of the tour are in that camera. Our cycling tour round Gironde was perfect. Best regards and once again, thank you, Annie Schachter

The Gironde estuary tour by bike

Cycling tour – We highly recommend this tour if self guided is what you are looking for

My wife and I have done two trips, both self guided. The first was a four day loop from Avignon four years ago, and then this July we biked from Bordeaux to Toulouse over five days. If you do not want to be in a group but have the major details worked out for you, this self guided tour is ideal. This is not for people who want to be chaperoned and led every step of the way, and you need to be okay with a little improvisation but the tour company has great experience and gets you on a journey you could not do yourself. They book hotels, arrange fork dinners on some tours, they provide emergencies support ( which we have never had to access) give you maps and directions, they provide the bikes through a local bike shop, and they move your luggage. The hotels are largely three stars plus or minus, but always well located, the meals they book are usually B+/A- or better, the bikes are sturdy, the directions get you where you need to be, and the luggage always is there. Best is they have a preference for bike trails and small roads where possible so you are out of the fray (of course sometimes it is not possible.). We would not have done the second one if we did not have a great time on the first and we were not disappointed. We plan on doing a Burgundy trip in 2017 or 2018. We highly recommend this if self guided is what you are looking for.

Bob Berne

Cycling tour from Bordeaux to Toulouse along the canal de Garonne

Cycling tour – Head full of memories !

Hello Mr. Fritsch, We are back home with the head full of beautiful memories of our holiday in Bordeaux . We were delighted by this visit , gratified admittedly , d ? Extraordinary weather . Your organization was perfect, we were greeted at every step with care and our bags were always preceded . The length and duration of trips matched our expectations and sufficiently detailed description. The few times we did wrong c ? Was that we had given a wrong interpretation to comment . Bicycles, with their handy bags, we were faithful and did not cause us any problems. However, we regret that ? They are not equipped ? Meter . This would facilitate certain decisions when the guide pointed out a change of direction at 400 or 500 meters. Another big thank you , along with our congratulations for your organization. We would no doubt ? Talk to our friends and acquaintances . Best regards .


Biketour through the best of Bordeaux wines

We like to thank you for this wonderful tour, we could cycle

Dear M. Fritsch,
After having returned safely home to Hannover we like to thank you for this wonderful tour, we could cycle. We had also this year a lot of fun and pleasure during our trip. Let me only tell you about the last day: We actually would have liked to have a little more time to visit the city of Bayonne. It is really worth it to spend more time there, since most of the tour is basically enjoyment of the nature. Here is so much history and culture, it really deserves more time. May be the stretch of the day before could be a little longer in order to reserve more time on the Bayonne-day.
Since we had an extra-day after finishing our tour we went to Bayonne again, not only enjoying the beauty of all the old buildings, but also the Basque-Museum. That alone takes a while and the visit is really rewarding and interesting.
Oh, and the tour-book itself: It is really fantasticly made, all the interesting sideways and hints what to see and what to do and where to be careful.
Thanks again and all the best to you and your wonderful tour-ideas!
Roswitha & Hans-Christian Euler

Vélodyssée from Bordeaux to Biarritz

Stephan, Peg and I want to thank you for a on delightful trip

Stephan, Peg and I want to thank you for a on delightful trip through the vineyards of Bordeaux. The walks, lodging, food were all exceptional. Our expectations were exceeded many times. We particularly liked the variety in the walks and the lodgings. From the hotels in St. Emilion and St. Macaire to the chateaux and the stay with Didier and Agnes in Caudrot, all were perfect and different. You opened up a beautiful part of France for us. If you are interested I would like to point out two places where I think the walking instructions are wrong. The first is on the long loop walk from St. Emilion. On page 17 at 3.6 km I believe the direction should be to turn right, not left, at the end of the alley. The other is on the extended loop walk of 6 km on the loop walk from St. Macaire. On page 41 at 5.56 km I think you need to take the grassy path on the right, not left, before reaching the vines. We started left which took us up the hill away from the junction with the beginning loop. If we read the directions wrong, my apologies, however I thought I should write with our thoughts. Once again, thank you.<br>
Pierre Teillon Walking tour Bordeaux Vineyards

Their cycle trip was the best part of their holiday

I spoke to Ms Casey yesterday, their cycle trip was the best part of their holiday (the only part they booked with me as she booked the rest online)!. Thank you for your assistance with this, she is very fussy but said the cycles were great, each property had great character and apart from her husband injuring his back, they had a fabulous time!

Cycling from the Bordeaux vineyards to the ocean

A beautiful adventure in the heart of France through the Basque country

It was really perfect to the very single detail

Dear Stephane,
We are just back from our cycling tour. I want to sincerely thank you for the wonderful trip that you have organized for us. It was really perfect to the very single detail. The route choice was great and the road book was very useful and detailed. The bikes were very good, the accommodation choices – nice and cozy. The hosts was so nice and friendly. In hotel Normandie they upgraded our rooms for the last night (or maybe you asked for this !), which was a pleasant surprise. Overall, we had a great welcome in all the places. We were lucky to be in Saint Emilion during the Open day on May 4th, which for a wine lover like me was superb.
So, big thank you once again and we are looking forward to make another trip with you soon.
Best regards,

Cycling holiday in Basque country

Cycling tour – Back home we would like to say T H AN K Y O U

Hi EVAZIO Team ! Back home we would like to say T H AN K Y O U so much for a perfect holiday and a perfect organisation of our cycling Tour around the Grand Cru of Bordeaux. The road book was simply perfect. Every meter was described meticulously and we NEVER took the wrong way. Only the night in Moulis was a little bit “trop privé” for us.
A special compliment goes to “Château Julie”: very good food, cooked with passion and knowledge, huge room and bathroom, very friendly hosts!! We come back!
We would like to give a special T H AN K Y O U for the special tips for lunching: “La Dominique Terrasse rouge” was outstanding and excellent (a little bit touristic, but we are tourists too) – eating beside Château Cheval Blanc, our hearts still beats … :)) Also “L’atelier de Candale” very good food, wonderful place, very nice memories!!
All in all a perfect 7 day trip we never expected like this and we would recommend your Agency from our deepest heart.
Thank you so much and hopefully on another occasion again! Avec nos meilleures salutations. Claudine Buri et Peter Zuberbühler

We enjoyed our walking tour very much

We enjoyed our walking tour very much, and I will take time right away now to provide comments so I don’t take this on too long and not give you any feedback.

• We were pleased overall with the landscape and the things we saw. It was exciting to be there during the harvest.
• We appreciated the extra advice and assistance you provided in finding a place to leave our car, etc.
• Accommodation was good, generally good locations, and good breakfasts.
• We enjoyed meeting Catherine and she was very helpful.

• Although accommodation was good a partial exception was Nuits-Saint-George. We realize that this was the number 1 pick on TripAdvisor, and the restaurant was very good. We did find however, that the room was too small to be comfortable and the hotel is too far from the town centre.

Greg Deren.

Burgundy walking tour