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Discover our walking tours in France. Self guided Walking holidays though famous Bordeaux or Burgundy vineyards.

Burgundy wines, the most beautiful aromatic holiday

A great trip for food and wine buffs, with walking that is gentle to start with and progressing to moderate grade as the week unfolds. Burgundy’s natural riches and its complex history bear testimony to its fine heritage. It is a beautiful and fertile land where wine growers skills have nurtured the landscape for more than a thousand years. The reputation of Burgundy’s cuisine has travelled the world and the very word Burgundy is synonymous with the finest wines. Burgundy is a multifaceted landscape just waiting to be explored, and, as elsewhere in France, the best way to savour it, is to explore on foot its peaceful lanes and byways. Travellers will discover a fabled land of mediaeval chateaux, ancient monasteries and fragrant breezes! The art of living is pursued to near perfection at a gentle unhurried pace.

Bordeaux, cradle of a civilization

Mention Bordeaux and you will spark thoughts all around the world of good wine. As you walk through the vineyards on carefully chosen routes. You will experience much more of the Gironde. Unique castles will catch your eyes, rivers meander their way across beautiful countryside, the unspoilt Natural Park, oyster beds and the Atlantic coast add a multitude of dimensions to your journey. There will be plenty of time for relaxing, looking around and perhaps having a few long lunches. All in all it is a leisurely tour for enjoying the ample delights of rural France! And especially the great Bordeaux wines.