The “Passage du Gois” to reach Noirmoutier Island


The passage du Gois or Gôa is a submersible road located in Bourgneuf Bay. This road connects the island of Noirmoutier (municipality of Barbâtre) to the mainland (common Beauvoir-sur-Mer), in the French department of Vendée. The passage is passable by car, bicycle or foot at low tide because it is covered at high tide. There are other sites of this type, but the unique character of Gois is its exceptional length: 4,125 kilometers. Depending on the tidal coefficient, the height of water that covers it at high tide varies from 1.30 meters to 4 meters.

Come try the adventure by completing this passage to connect the island of Noirmoutier. The passage of Gois, passable by bike, is a variant of the famous Véloroute Vélodyssée which runs along the Atlantic coast from Nantes to Hendaye. You will have the opportunity to see this curiosity on the section that we propose you from Nantes to La Rochelle. Warning: This way is accessible between 1:30 before low tide and 1:30 after low tide. For two times an interval of 3 hours a day.



Passage du Gois at high tide
Warning : Respect the accessibility timing !
Le Passage du Gois… a true show











Cycling in the ocean !! surpising sensation
At SUnset,it’s even more fun !